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Clan/Tribe Information
Clan News
Leader~ Blossomstar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Rogues are stealing all the food and hunting in FireClan territory, while Twolegs are slowly, one-by-one cutting down all the trees at the edge of the forest in their territory. This means FireClan has to send in more hunting patrols and less border patrols, and may get attacked by a Tribe.
Leader~ Cinderstar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ The nearby stream has been blocked by a dam, so one half of the stream is flooding and engulving prey grounds, yet the other half has no water at all. FlyClan cannot reach the flooded part of the stream, so they are having to steal water from other clans.
Leader~ TBD
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Upwalkers are invading and trying to ruin their territory. No one knows how they will save their sacred area, yet they won't give up and know it's possible.
Leader~ Ivystar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Upwalkers have been raiding along the cliff edges more and more, and are disrupting the Clan. The cats who attempt to go over have either been pushed off the ledge or taken by the Upwalkers.
Leader~ Daisystar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Keeper~ TBD
Medicine Keeper Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Warriors have been finding out what Daisystar is doing during the night with Blair and will try and take them down. Daisystar & Blair run away to stay with their former Upwalkers, until one warrior that didn't want to kill her loyal leader and the small little kitten tries to convinced them to come back. No one knows what will happen then..
Leader~ Nettlestar
Deputy~ Cheetahheart
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ The deputy Cheetahheart is desperate for power. She is planning to kill the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice, then senior warriors, and then the leader himself. She has lots of plans ready, and will do everything she can to gain power. What will happen to LeafClan now, with a threat boiling from within? Even worse,n early all her clanmates admire her. Except Cheetahheart's apprentice, who watched her kill the former deputy to gain power.
The Tribe of the Demon's Shadow
Healer ~ TBD
Top Prey-hunter ~ TBD
Top Cave Guard ~ TBD
News ~ Demon Shadow, the founder of this Tribe, has been visiting some prey-hunters, kit-mothers, to-be's, cave-guards, and the current healer of this Tribe in their dreams. He says there is a great danger coming, but no one knows what. Demon Shadow says they will find out on their own, only to realize that Demon Shadow himself is the danger and will have killed innocent to gather souls so he could reincarnate and take over. They don't know how to stop him, but they also don't know how to join him..
Tribe of the Jay's Wing
Healer ~ TBD
Top Prey-hunter ~ TBD
Top Cave Guard ~ TBD
News ~ The Healer falls in love with Half Moon's Healer, but they are in war and won't stop until the other one stops, so he cannot confess his love to her. Yet, Half Moon's Healer despises him and will keep fighting.
The Tribe of the Half Moon
Healer ~ TBD
Top Prey-hunter ~ TBD
Top Cave Guard ~ TBD
News ~Someone has been stealing kits from Half Moon Tribe, but nokitty knows who. Because of this, the Tribe is short with prey and has lost many cats already, so they have to find out who is doing this and steal their kittens rightfully back.
The Tribe of Golden Clouds
Healer ~


Another name prefix and suffix thingy! x3

Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:48 am by Cinderpelt


A -
Acorn - Adder - Alder - Amber - Ant - Apple - Arch - Ash - Ashen - Aspen

B -
Badger - Bark - Beech - Beetle - Berry - Birch - Bird - Black - Blizzard - Blossom - Blue - None - Boulder - Bounce - Bracken - Branch - Brave - Breeze - Briar - Bright - Brindle - Bristle - Broken - Brook - Brown - Bumble - Burr - Buzzard

C -
Cedar - Cherry - Chive - Cinder - Claw - Cloud - Clover - …

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Clan Ceremonies

Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:10 pm by Cinderpelt

Summoning Call -
LeafClan - May all cats old enough to climb the rocky cliffs gather!
CloudClan - May all cats old enough to jump the Ocean Cliffs gather around for Clan meeting!!
OceanClan - May all cats old enough to swim the Deep Swamp gather!
IceClan - May all cats old enough to run across the ice safely gather!
FlyClan - May all cats old enough to leap the

Apprentice Ceremony -

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Warrior Fighting Techniques

Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:15 pm by Cinderpelt

For clan battles, please reference this instead of making up your own ninja-moves. Smile

Fighting Techniques - Normal:

Back Kick - Explosive surprise move to catch opponent from behind. Judge opponent's distance from you carefully, then lash out with your back legs, taking all weight on your front paws.

Belly Rake - A fight-stopper. Slice with unsheathed claws against the soft flesh of the …

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Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:05 pm by Cinderpelt


Alder Bar-The bark is used to treat cats who get toothaches, and the pain may heal. Hard to find.

Blackberry Leaves-These leaves are chewed into a pulp to treat bee stings. Hard to find.

Borage Leaves-It is easily distinguished by its small blue or pink star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves. When it is chewed and eaten by nursing queens, it produces more, better milk. It also brings …

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Name Prefixes & Suffixes ~cREDIT tO wArRiOrClAn~

Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:43 pm by Daisy

[ A ]
Acorn Adder Alder Amber Ant 
Apple Arch Ash/en Aspen
[ A ]
[ B ]
Badger Bark Beech Beetle Berry
Birch Bird Black Blaze Blizzard Blossom
Blue Bounce Bracken Bramble Brave
Breeze Briar Bright Brindle Broken 
Brown Bumble Burrow Buzzard
[ B ]
Bee Belly Berry Bird Blaze Blossom
Branch Briar Breeze Bright 
[ C ] 
Cedar Cherry Cinder Claw Cloud

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Warriors, Into The Wild: Rules (:

Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:22 pm by Blossomtail

Obvious Rules:

• If you have any questions, ask an Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat or a Senior Warrior!
• Poor behavior will result in a warning. Continuing this behavior, you will be banned from the chat. If you continue this even further, then you will be banned from accessing the forum for 24 hours. After that, you will be banned completely.
• Please keep the forum kid appropriate. …

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Herbs Empty Herbs

Post by Cinderpelt on Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:05 pm


Alder Bar-The bark is used to treat cats who get toothaches, and the pain may heal. Hard to find.

Blackberry Leaves-These leaves are chewed into a pulp to treat bee stings. Hard to find.

Borage Leaves-It is easily distinguished by its small blue or pink star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves. When it is chewed and eaten by nursing queens, it produces more, better milk. It also brings down fevers. Medium to find.

Burdock Root-Tall stemmed thistle with a sharp smell and dark leaves. When the root is dug up and the soil is washed off it, it is chewed into a pulp, and put on wounds inflicted by rats to keep them from becoming infected. Can also be used on infected rat bites to lessen and heal the pain. Hard to find.

Burnet-A travelling herb. Medium to find.

Catmint/Catnip-A leafy and delicious-smelling plant. They are rarely found in the wild, and are mostly found in Twoleg gardens. Best remedy for the deadly greencough, which kits and elders usually catch in the season of leaf-bare. It is also the best remedy for less deadly Whitecough. Easy to find.

Celandine-This herb can be used to soothe the eyes if ever damaged. Easy to find.

Chamomile-A small, white flower with a yellow center, this herb can be used to strengthen the heart and soothe the mind. Also used in a concoction given to travelling cats for strength. Easy to find.

Chervil-A sweet smelling plant with large, spreading, leafy, fern like leaves and small white flowers. The juice of the leaves can be used for infected wounds, and chewing the root also helps with bellyache. Easy to find.

Chickweed-A small weedlike plant. Like catmint/catnip, it can be used to treat greencough though often times catmint is much preferred. It is used to help with Deadlyfalter. Hard to find.

Cobwebs-Very common in the forest, just be careful not to bring the spider along with you! Put it on a wound to soak up and stop (or slow) the bleeding. It may also be used to bind broken bones. Easy to find.

Coltsfoot-A flowering, dandelion-like plant with yellow or white flowers. The leaves are chewed into a pulp, and given to cats with difficulty breathing or a cough. It also can be used to treat kitten-cough, as well as cracked or sore pads. Medium to find.

Comfrey-Large leaves and small shaped flowers, which range in color from pink, white, or purple. Its fat, black-colored roots, when chewed into a poultice, can be used to repair broken bones or to soothe wounds. Medium to find.

Costmary-A leafy plant with no flowers. It is a vary strong smelling herb that is used to help head aches and stomach aches. But, this is mostly used with Sananooko berries to help with Bloodcough. Hard to find.

Daisy Leaf-Daisy Leaves are thick, dark green, oval shaped leaves. Chewed into a paste, it can help aching joints. It is also a travelling herb. Medium to find.

Dandelions-The white liquid inside the stem is used for bee stings. Its roots can also be chewed to act like poppy seeds. Medium to find.

Dock-Similar to sorrel, the leaves can be chewed up and applied to soothe scratches, although it may sting when being applied to a wound, and it has a very tangy scent and taste. Hard to find.

Feverfew-Small bush with flowers like a daisy. The leaves can be eaten to reduce body temperature, especially cats with fever or chills. Also heals aches and headaches. Medium to find.

Goldenrod-A tall, plant with bright, yellow flowers. When chewed into a poultice, it is good for healing wounds. Medium to find.

Heather Flower-It can be included in herbal mixtures, to make it easier to swallow. Easy to find.

Honey-A tasteless*, golden-colored liquid that is created by bees. While difficult to obtain without being stung, it is great for soothing infections,sore throats, or cats who have breathed smoke. Also helps cats swallow other medicine. It is given to cats using wads of moss soaked in it. Hard to find.

Horsetail-A tall, bristly-stemmed plant that grows in marshy areas. The leaves can be chewed into a poultice, and applied to infected wounds to help treat them. Hard to find.

Juniper Berries-Juniper berries grow on a bush with dark green, spiky leaves. The berries are purple in color, and can soothe bellyaches, give strength, and help troubled breathing. It is also used to help calm cats. Medium to find.

Lamb's Ear-Commonly found in the mountains, this herb gives a cat strength. Hard to find.

Lavender-A small, purple, flowering plant that cures fever and chills. Hard to find.

Mallow-The leaves are best collected at sunhigh, when they are dry. It soothes a cat's belly. Medium to find.

Marigold-A low-growing flower that is bright orange or yellow in color. The petals or leaves can be chewed into a pulp and applied to wounds as a poultice to stop infection. It could be used to treat rat bites, but it's sometimes not strong enough. Medium to find.

Mouse Bile-Extracted from the mouse. The only remedy for ticks, mouse bile is foul smelling, and is stored in moss. When dabbed on a tick, the tick falls off. Smell can be masked by wild garlic, or by washing paws in running water. If accidentally swallowed, can leave a horrible taste in mouth for days. Medicine cats always have to remember to wash their paws in a body of water, such as a creek or stream, after using mouse bile. Easy to find.

Nettle Seed-Green, spiny seeds. Like yarrow, can be used if a cat has swallowed poison. Hard to find.

Parsley-Stops a queen from producing milk if her kits die, don't need milk anymore, or are producing too much milk. Medium to find.

Poppy Seeds-Small black seeds that are shaken out of a dried poppy flower head. They can put a cat to sleep, or soothe shock and distress, but is not recommended for nursing queens. They are given by wetting the paw, pressing on them, causing them to stick to the paw, and then having the sick or injured cat lick them off. Another method is to place them on a leaf, and have the sick or injured cat lick them off there. They also help soothe pain. Medium to find.

Ragwort Leaves-Crushed and mixed into a poultice with juniper berries, it can help aching joints. It can also be used to keep a cat's strength up. Easy to find.

Ragweed-Like lamb's ear, this herb, commonly found in the mountains, gives a cat strength. Hard to find.

Raspberry Leaves-A herb used in kittings. It is a painkiller and can help stop bleeding during the kitting. Hard to find.

Rosemary-A soothing herb-soothes wounds, scratches, and broken bones. Occasionly used in kitting as it soothing can calm queens down-but it is not recommended. Easy to find.

Rush-This herb is used to bind broken bones. It has long narrow leaves and lavender colored head stalks. Medium to find.

Sananooko Berries-A large bushy plant with deep red berries that are used for head aches and stomach aches. It is usually used with Costmary to help with Bloodcough. Hard to find.

Snakeroot-A small plant with large roots. The best remedy for poison, especially for snake bites. Hard to find.

Sorrel-Similar to dock, the leaves can be chewed up and applied to soothe scratches, although it may sting when being applied to a wound, and it has a very tangy scent and taste. It is also used as a travelling herb. Hard to find.

Stinging Nettle-The leaves, when applied to a wound, can bring down swelling. The spiny green seeds can be given to a cat who has been poisoned by crowfood, Twoleg waste, or other toxic objects. Medium to find.

Tansy-The tansy plant has round, yellow leaves, and a very sweet and strong smell, making it good at disguising a cat's scent. It is used for curing coughs, but must be eaten in small doses. Easy to find.

Tormentil-This root is good for all wounds and expelling poison. It has a strong romantic scent to it and a sharp taste. Hard to find.

Thyme-This herb can be eaten to calm nervousness, anxiety, and cats who are in shock. Medium to find.

Watermint-A green, leafy plant found in streams or damp earth. Usually chewed into a pulp and fed to cats with suffering from a bellyache. Hard to find.

Wild Garlic-When rolled in, it can help prevent infection. Especially good for rat bites. Due to its strong smell, it is good at hiding the scent of a certain Clan, and disguising cats on raids. Hard to find.

Willow Bark-This bark serves as a painkiller. Easy to find.

Wintergreen-Commonly found in the mountains, helps soothe and heal wounds as well as stop infection. Hard to find.

Yarrow-A flowering plant whose leaves can be made into a poultice, and applied to wounds to extract poison. Also will make a cat vomit. The ointment of yarrow can also be used to soften and help heal cracked paw pads. Easy to find.


Nightshade-Nightshade is extremely toxic to cats and Twolegs, being capable of killing a full-grown Twoleg in under forty-five minutes and even less for cats, especially kits and elders. Hard to find.

Deathberries/Yew berries/Night Seeds-Deathberries are an extremely poisonous species of red berries, and are known to Twolegs as yew berries. Can easily kill kits and elders. Medium to find.

Holly Berries-Holly berries, while not as dangerous as deathberries, are still a danger to kits. Medium to find.

Foxglove Seeds-Foxglove seeds are known to be a dangerous medicine. While they can help the heart, they can easily cause paralysis and heart failure. They are often mistaken for poppy seeds. Medium to find.

Diseases & Injuries
Chest Infections
Whitecough and greencough are chest infections known to the Clan cats. Whitecough is the milder form, but if untreated, it can develop in the much more severe greencough. Cats usually catch it during leaf-fall and leaf-bare, and sometimes it develops into large-scale epidemics. It can be fatal for elders and kits. There is a disease called kitten-cough that is found in kits. There is after greencough, blackcough and it is fatal and almost impossible to be healed from. Since our cats live in the tropics it is very rare to get any one of these chest infections and even rarer to die from it.

Poisoning is the ingestion of a substance that causes harm to the body, such as:
Eating or drinking poisonous substances or plants such as deathberries. Usually kits do this, being curious and unaware of the danger
Eating poisoned or rotten prey or drinking tainted water
Inhaling too much smoke from a fire
Being bitten by a venomous animal
If only a small quantity of poison is ingested, the cat mostly receives a bellyache, but larger amounts can cause the death of the cat.

Rat-Borne Infections
The cats sometimes fall victims to infections carried by rats, although they do not have a specific name for it.

Fever is an abnormally high temperature of the body. It is not a disease in itself, but it usually signs the presence of an infection, such as greencough or an infected wound. If needed, it can be treated with feverfew, borage or lavender.
Bluefever-A fever that makes you tired and sleepy and makes simple activives like crossing the camp a big deal.
Redfever-A fever that makes you cough up blood and you get a sore throat as well.
Purplefever-A fever that makes you have illusions and visions and werid dreams as well as makes you throw up.

Bloodcough-It is from a mice carried sickness. It has the same things as the Bluefever, Redfeaver, and Purplefever but, all in one? A fever that makes you tired and makes simple things like crossing the camp a big deal, you can cough up blood and have a sore throat, you can have illusions and visions and weird dreams as well as throw up. It spreads quickly. It is vary hard to get rid of even with the cure. Only cure= Sananooko berries and Costmary.

Deadly Falter-A sickness that causes cats to stop. They can't move aound that much and can die from it. It is very contagious. The sickness must be either absorbed by chickweed or cats must exercise a lot.

Silver Poison-A poison that ravaged the clans during a period of time in the past. Cats would be fine and then dead. The cause was that the fish they were eating had been poisoned by some yucky black twoleg poison that made the fish sick and when eaten by cats, the cats deathly sick. The fish are better now and the cure is to throw up the food using yarrow on the sick patients.

Loss of Sensory Perception
A cat may lose his or her eyesight or hearing due to old age, accidents and infections, or birth defects. These conditions usually end their career as a warrior, as they cannot hunt or fight efficiently, and must retire as elders. Kits born with defects usually die young, unless they have special skills compensating it. Kits that are white with blue eyes have a higher chance of being born deaf.

Joint Aches
A condition usually associated with elders, the joints gradually degenerating with age, causing pain and difficulty to move. Damp environments can cause the appearance of this condition, so apprentices must make sure that the moss they gather for bedding is completely dry.

A toothache is caused by a cracked tooth, cavities, or an infection in the mouth.

Chills are mostly associated with cold weather or being submerged in cold water. Kits and elders are more at risk of dying when they get a chill. Licking a cat's fur the wrong way gets the blood flowing again.

Cracked Pads
The paw pads may crack while walking long distances on hard surfaces, or due to cold weather. Elders are especially prone to this condition.

Injuries & Wounds
Wounds are injuries when the skin and the muscles beneath are torn, cut, or punctured. They may put a cat's life in danger due to blood loss, infections, or the damage of the organs. Wounds are the most common injuries, due to the cats always fighting enemy Clans, badgers or foxes.
Minor wounds heal on their own in no time, but severe wounds must be treated by a medicine cat.

Sprains are injuries to ligaments of a joint, caused by being stretched beyond their normal capacity and possibly torn. It causes severe pain and decreased ability to move the joint. The cat must rest for several days.

Joint Dislocation
Joint dislocation is the displacement of a bone from its normal joint. Medicine cats treat this condition by first feeding the patient poppy seeds to make them sleepy so they don't feel it as much, and then forcing the limb back into the joint.

Broken Bones
A broken bone is usually the result of an accident, such as falling down from a high place, or being hit by a monster. Cats most often break their legs, and while medicine cats try to bind the bone with cobwebs, the injury usually results in the cat remaining crippled for the rest of his or her life.
A more severe injury is when a cat breaks his or her backbone. This results in the cat being unable to feel or move parts of his or her body. If the break is bad enough the cat will be killed on or shortly after impact.

(* = Cats cannot taste sweet!)


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