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Clan/Tribe Information
Clan News
Leader~ Blossomstar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Rogues are stealing all the food and hunting in FireClan territory, while Twolegs are slowly, one-by-one cutting down all the trees at the edge of the forest in their territory. This means FireClan has to send in more hunting patrols and less border patrols, and may get attacked by a Tribe.
Leader~ Cinderstar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ The nearby stream has been blocked by a dam, so one half of the stream is flooding and engulving prey grounds, yet the other half has no water at all. FlyClan cannot reach the flooded part of the stream, so they are having to steal water from other clans.
Leader~ TBD
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Upwalkers are invading and trying to ruin their territory. No one knows how they will save their sacred area, yet they won't give up and know it's possible.
Leader~ Ivystar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Upwalkers have been raiding along the cliff edges more and more, and are disrupting the Clan. The cats who attempt to go over have either been pushed off the ledge or taken by the Upwalkers.
Leader~ Daisystar
Deputy~ TBD
Medicine Keeper~ TBD
Medicine Keeper Apprentice~ TBD
News~ Warriors have been finding out what Daisystar is doing during the night with Blair and will try and take them down. Daisystar & Blair run away to stay with their former Upwalkers, until one warrior that didn't want to kill her loyal leader and the small little kitten tries to convinced them to come back. No one knows what will happen then..
Leader~ Nettlestar
Deputy~ Cheetahheart
Medicine Cat~ TBD
Medicine Cat Apprentice~ TBD
News~ The deputy Cheetahheart is desperate for power. She is planning to kill the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice, then senior warriors, and then the leader himself. She has lots of plans ready, and will do everything she can to gain power. What will happen to LeafClan now, with a threat boiling from within? Even worse,n early all her clanmates admire her. Except Cheetahheart's apprentice, who watched her kill the former deputy to gain power.
The Tribe of the Demon's Shadow
Healer ~ TBD
Top Prey-hunter ~ TBD
Top Cave Guard ~ TBD
News ~ Demon Shadow, the founder of this Tribe, has been visiting some prey-hunters, kit-mothers, to-be's, cave-guards, and the current healer of this Tribe in their dreams. He says there is a great danger coming, but no one knows what. Demon Shadow says they will find out on their own, only to realize that Demon Shadow himself is the danger and will have killed innocent to gather souls so he could reincarnate and take over. They don't know how to stop him, but they also don't know how to join him..
Tribe of the Jay's Wing
Healer ~ TBD
Top Prey-hunter ~ TBD
Top Cave Guard ~ TBD
News ~ The Healer falls in love with Half Moon's Healer, but they are in war and won't stop until the other one stops, so he cannot confess his love to her. Yet, Half Moon's Healer despises him and will keep fighting.
The Tribe of the Half Moon
Healer ~ TBD
Top Prey-hunter ~ TBD
Top Cave Guard ~ TBD
News ~Someone has been stealing kits from Half Moon Tribe, but nokitty knows who. Because of this, the Tribe is short with prey and has lost many cats already, so they have to find out who is doing this and steal their kittens rightfully back.
The Tribe of Golden Clouds
Healer ~


Another name prefix and suffix thingy! x3

Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:48 am by Cinderpelt


A -
Acorn - Adder - Alder - Amber - Ant - Apple - Arch - Ash - Ashen - Aspen

B -
Badger - Bark - Beech - Beetle - Berry - Birch - Bird - Black - Blizzard - Blossom - Blue - None - Boulder - Bounce - Bracken - Branch - Brave - Breeze - Briar - Bright - Brindle - Bristle - Broken - Brook - Brown - Bumble - Burr - Buzzard

C -
Cedar - Cherry - Chive - Cinder - Claw - Cloud - Clover - …

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Clan Ceremonies

Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:10 pm by Cinderpelt

Summoning Call -
LeafClan - May all cats old enough to climb the rocky cliffs gather!
CloudClan - May all cats old enough to jump the Ocean Cliffs gather around for Clan meeting!!
OceanClan - May all cats old enough to swim the Deep Swamp gather!
IceClan - May all cats old enough to run across the ice safely gather!
FlyClan - May all cats old enough to leap the

Apprentice Ceremony -

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Warrior Fighting Techniques

Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:15 pm by Cinderpelt

For clan battles, please reference this instead of making up your own ninja-moves. Smile

Fighting Techniques - Normal:

Back Kick - Explosive surprise move to catch opponent from behind. Judge opponent's distance from you carefully, then lash out with your back legs, taking all weight on your front paws.

Belly Rake - A fight-stopper. Slice with unsheathed claws against the soft flesh of the …

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Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:05 pm by Cinderpelt


Alder Bar-The bark is used to treat cats who get toothaches, and the pain may heal. Hard to find.

Blackberry Leaves-These leaves are chewed into a pulp to treat bee stings. Hard to find.

Borage Leaves-It is easily distinguished by its small blue or pink star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves. When it is chewed and eaten by nursing queens, it produces more, better milk. It also brings …

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Name Prefixes & Suffixes ~cREDIT tO wArRiOrClAn~

Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:43 pm by Daisy

[ A ]
Acorn Adder Alder Amber Ant 
Apple Arch Ash/en Aspen
[ A ]
[ B ]
Badger Bark Beech Beetle Berry
Birch Bird Black Blaze Blizzard Blossom
Blue Bounce Bracken Bramble Brave
Breeze Briar Bright Brindle Broken 
Brown Bumble Burrow Buzzard
[ B ]
Bee Belly Berry Bird Blaze Blossom
Branch Briar Breeze Bright 
[ C ] 
Cedar Cherry Cinder Claw Cloud

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Warriors, Into The Wild: Rules (:

Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:22 pm by Blossomtail

Obvious Rules:

• If you have any questions, ask an Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat or a Senior Warrior!
• Poor behavior will result in a warning. Continuing this behavior, you will be banned from the chat. If you continue this even further, then you will be banned from accessing the forum for 24 hours. After that, you will be banned completely.
• Please keep the forum kid appropriate. …

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Cinderstar, leader of FlyClan

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Cinderstar, leader of FlyClan Empty Cinderstar, leader of FlyClan

Post by Cinderpelt on Sat Jul 18, 2015 8:00 pm

Name: Cinderkit ~ Cinderpaw ~ Cinderflight ~ Cinderstar
Age:60 moons
Gender: She-cat
Position: Leader
Clan/tribe: FlyClan
Alive Family: Mother, Cloudfur, open. Sisters, Hollyflower, Ivymoss, Dovefeather, open. Brothers, Jaywing, Lionclaw, Bramblethorn, Tigerstripe. Mate, Stormpelt, open. Sons, Firepaw, Graypaw, Ravenpaw, Dustpaw. Daughters, Sandpaw, Squirrelpaw, Leafpaw, Bluepaw.
Deceased Family: Sons, Redkit, Darkkit, killed by greencough. Daughters, Mosskit, Snowkit, killed by greencough. Ex-mate, Oakfur, killed by greencough. Father, Fastwind, killed by a badger.
Cinderstar, leader of FlyClan Latest?cb=20150402002132
Bluish Gray cat with blue eyes, long legs, and a long tail. Gray spots, scar across her shoulders, long sleek tail, silver fur around her muzzle and tail, torn ear. She has a small limp.
Personality: Cinderstar is a kind cat, and she listens to what everyone has to say. Cinderstar jokes sometimes, but can easily become serious in 2 seconds. She likes the water, and also likes climbing. This she-cat is better at hunting then fighting, but she is still good at both. Cinderstar is stealthy, and sneaky. She is good at hunting fish, in the small stream in their territory.
Physical Skills:Out of 10: Fighting, 8. Hunting, 10. Strength, 8. Swimming, 8. Climbing, 7. Speed, 7. Stamina, 10. Memory, 10.
Likes & Dislikes: Likes: Family, Fish, Her Clan, Hunting. Dislikes: Ignorant Cats, Badgers and Foxes
History:Kit: Cinderkit was clanborn. Her mother was Cloudfur, and her father Fastwind. She was loyal as a kit, and never broke the warrior code.
Apprentice: When she was apprenticed, she trained hard and fast to learn how to hunt and fight. Cinderpaw was good at fighting, and when she needed to deliver a message near the thunderpath, she went, brave as ever. However, she ran straight across, not realising that a car was coming, she was hit, and broke her leg. Cinderpaw stayed at the medicine den for ages, trying to get it healed, and soon it did, and Lilystar, leader then, made her a warrior.
Warrior: As a warrior, Cinderflight got better at running with a slight limp. When she was on a walk one day, near the OceanClan border, she was spotted by Oakfur, a OceanClan warrior. They got to know each other, and she found out she was expecting his kits.
Queen: As a queen, she never said who the father was. Cinderflight soon had her kits, but realised that she would have to give them to OceanClan, to keep. The she-cat dug a hole at night, and pretended a fox had got in and stole the kits. When they got to OceanClan, Cinderflight found out there was an outbreak of greencough, and Mosskit, Snowkit, Redkit, Darkkit and Oakfur died, leaving Cinderflight to weep for her kits, and keep Bluekit there to stay.
Later Queen: Soon she found a new mate, in FlyClan, Stormpelt. They had 3 litters together, and after that Cinderflight went back to being a warrior.
Warrior: When Cinderflight went back to a warrior, Lilystar asked Cinderflight if she would like to be deputy, since the former deputy, Cloudfluff, died. Cinderflight nodded, and later that day Lilystar did the ceremony.
Deputy: When Cinderflight was deputy, the clan became a lot more organised, and they got a lot more prey. Sadly however, a badger attacked, and 4 elders, 6 warriors, and 2 kits died. One of the elders was Cinderflight's father, Fastwind. Then a fox came, and killed Lilystar, ripping 5 lives from her.
Leader: Cinderflight then went to get her 9 lives, and her name, and that is where she is now. Just after Cinderstar got her names.

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